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Charcuterie Boards

A staple in many households, charcuterie boards, sandwich boards and now the popular butter board  are a focal point for entertaining and everyday use.  Shop online or come visit our showroom.

Custom Live Edge Projects

Have an idea but not the expertise to bring it to life? We have the wood & the experience. Let us help you turn your idea and turn it into reality.

Personal Experiences

We offer workshops for all skill levels.  Learn to make anything from a charcuterie board to a river table.  Works shops start at $45.  Workshop prices  and time vary depending on materials

Bridal party experiences available.  You and your bridal party can spend a day making centre pieces, candle holders, gifts, guest boards etc. Bring a camera and experience our beautiful muskoka property with a douple waterfall

Our Expertise

Unique Materials

  • Local cherry and walnut (will do oak and maple)

  • Exotic wood from around the world

  • High-quality finish

  • We offer Walrus Oil Finishing Products

  • Nerpa Polymers Epoxy


  • We offer slabs for those projects you want to do.

  • Dimensional Lumber available  mill size green or dried. 

  • We offer milling services for both slabs and dimensional lumber.

  • $100/hr min 1 hr plus cost of any broken blades


  • Epoxy filler

  • Buffed finishing

  • Guarantee

    • 1 Year warp

    • 1 Year bubbling

    • Lifetime buffing at our location

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