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Our Story

Greg McKinnon is co-founder of F in Shop and the designer behind each intricate piece. He takes great pride to ensure every creation is unique and crafted to respect the features of the wood. He'll often have a vision of the completed piece simply by looking at the raw slab, noting how to use it as to accent the natural beauty and minimize waste. Greg's creativity is his stress outlet from the rough road to get here. A walk in the woods during a particularly dark point in life spawned the idea that would lead to his success. It was a lone cherry tree, strong in stature and yet so majestic. It was the symbol of what Greg had envisioned for himself in life and proved to be the catalyst for change. He had been tinkering with woodworking for a few months for stress relief, and this moment solidified the path forward. It's interesting that cherry is a key species in the F in Shop line of products. The first few products had their challenges, but Greg's passion persevered and produced amazing results in the lineup today. Greg blurted out, "not bad for a guy who got an F in shop class"! And the company was born. Greg is a proud father to Cameron, chronic comedian, and loving spouse to Donna.

Donna Fisher is co-founder of F in Shop and the backbone of the business. She's mastered the art of giving each creation a perfect, flawless finish. A long time dental hygienist, Donna has a unique ability to buff each table and board as smooth as a perfect tooth. The epoxy is difficult to work with, and can get extremely hot when curing. The perfect color infusion and pour takes time and patience, and a special eye for detail. Donna has two sons, Michael and Jordan, a history of extreme sports, and is the better half to Greg.

Both Greg and Donna enjoy running (how they met), their cottage lifestyle, and connecting with friends and family. They live in Bracebridge Ontario with their 2 dogs and 3 cats. They enjoy giving back to the community and keep that as a focus of F in Shop. They plan to regularly reward community heroes with gifted products to show respect for their efforts. The business launch day gifted 250 charcuterie boards to a Nursing home in Barrie Ontario for the dedicated frontline workers and staff who gave their all during the 2020 pandemic. Cameron's Mom, Kelly, is one of those community heroes.


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